Boyi Bhimanna

“Hinduism says there are four varnas, Communism says there are two classes, I say there are only three classes- Mine is Tiger-Jackal-Sheep-ism ! How is the psyche of today’s man different from Vedic Man? Here are the same tiger, the same jackal and the same sheep !”

About Potti Sriramulu Telugu University Peetham

Dr. Boyi Bhimanna had to his credit more than seventy published literary works in different literary forms like poems, lyrics, plays, ballets, criticism, satire, treatise, free verse, poetic prose, letteritts etc., covering a wide range of subjects. His creative and original thinking resulted in him proposing theories like the Rasaadvaita, Tiger-Jackal-Sheep psyche of the humans, Harijans are Aryans, Siva Socialism, Salvation is the birth right of every being etc. and all his literary creation bloomed around these theories.

Research scholars doing M.Phil and Ph.D in various Universities have taken up research on his literature, but still a lot needs to be done to explore and proliferate his literature.

Establishment of Boyi Bhimanna Sahitya Peetham

Dr. Boyi Bhimanna passed away on 16th December, 2005. On the occasion of Dr. Boyi Bhimanna’s 96th birthday on 19th September, 2006 while presenting the First Bhimanna Puraskaram, the then Hon’ble Chief Minister of AP Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy has announced the establishment of Boyi Bhimanna Sahitya Peetham in Sri Potti Sri Ramulu Telugu University to take up research on his works and to disseminate his literature. Accordingly the Peetham was established. The activities envisaged under Sahitya Peetham and its are as given below.

1. Activities of the Peetham

A. Dissemination of Dr. Bhimanna’s Literature

  • Re-printing of books: Many of his published works are out of print and are not available now. The Peetham will undertake reprinting of all such works. The list of works is given in the Annexure.
  • Printing of manuscripts: The Peetham will also take up printing of all unpublished works.
  • Printing of Prefaces: Dr. Bhimanna’s prefaces are very popular and contain his ideology. The Peetham will put together all the prefaces and will bring out a consolidated edition.
  • Translations: All the important works, as decided by the Advisory Committee of the Peetham, will be got translated into English and Hindi languages.
  • Seminars: The Peetham will conduct 4 Seminars in a year on Dr. Bhimanna’s literature, one seminar compulsorily on the occasion of his birthday on 19th September. These seminars will be conducted in Hyderabad and different parts of the State.
  • Enactment of Plays: Dr. Bhimanna’s plays, which have had great social impact, will be enacted.
  • Website: The Peetham also will host a web site on Dr. Bhimanna’s literature. 

B. Research

  • The Peetham will promote research on the literature of Dr. Bhimanna.
  • 3 Post Doctoral Fellowships will be awarded on three themes as decided by the Advisory Committee of the Peetham.

C. Propagation of Dalit Literature

The Peetham will make available all the works of Dr. Bhimanna in all the community libraries in the State.

2. Structure of the Peetham

A. Advisory committee

The activities of the Peetham will be guided by an Advisory Committee which will be formed with the following composition.

    • Vice Chancellor of Telugu University


    • Representative of Bhimanna Sahithi Nidhi Trust 


    • 3 Intellectuals to be nominated by the   Vice Chancellor


    • One Professor from the University   

Member- convener

B. Responsibilities of the Advisory Committee

  • The Committee will guide and review the activities of the Peetham meeting at least once a month.
  • The Committee will decide the works that are to be taken up for reprinting and also the unpublished manuscripts for printing.
  • The Committee will also finalize the Translators.
  • The Committee will approve the annual calendar of activities for organizing events like the Seminars, Dramas etc.
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